Why Coaching?

Personal Training Plans for Marathons & Ultramarathons

When I started running 15 years ago I wish I had the level of knowledge and experience I do now and more importantly someone on hand to guide me along the way. I truly believe we are all capable of far more than we think and having a coach on board will help you realise your maximum potential. I will help you build consistency and by mixing up your training ensure you continue to enjoy your running and ultimately improve your marathon or ultramarathon performance.

How it works?

Initial Consultation

The key principle to successful coaching is to get to know you as well as possible and build a great relationship. Coaching is all about taking you from A to B, it is crucial to understand first and foremost what you are hoping to achieve. You define the criteria for success – this could be a faster 100-mile ultramathon time or simply support and motivation to finish your first marathon.

The Plan

Any plan must be tailored not only to your current level of fitness but also fit in around your home and work life. A plan that doesn’t consider the entirety of your commitments will simply not work. I will also build in other activities such as swimming, and core strength exercises to complement your running training.

Weekly Review

I will review your activities weekly and set targets for the following week. Unplanned events happen both at home and work so we will need to work together to flex the plan accordingly. The review will facilitate a discussion on how both parties feel progress is being made and also allow the plan to be adjusted where needed. In the background, I will check your progress on Strava to ensure we get maximum value from our session.

Ongoing Support

If you are struggling for motivation or things aren’t quite going to plan then I will be with you every step of the way. I will be there to celebrate your success and push you on to achieve great things. Please feel free at any time to drop me an email or pick up the phone.

Accompanied runs (Gold package only)

What better way of making the most from your coaching package? I will join you for a run every other week at a location and time to suit you. This can be any length you chose where we can discuss your training or talk about upcoming plans. Alternatively this can be a tempo run, an interval session, hill reps or anything you chose.